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Trend Perspectives with Brad Ross: 2017-18 Color Forecast

By Brad Ross, Global Trend Forecasting This month’s focus is on color. Today, color is like Snapchat; we get flashes of hue predictions and as soon…
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Trend Perspectives with Brad Ross: Is Social Media Dead?

By Brad Ross, Global Trend Forecasting While some social media networks are gaining momentum (i.e. Snapchat and Instagram), one of the latest trends…
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16 Creative Beer Labels - From Sci-Fi Illustrations to Black and White Sketches

As craft beers continue to dominate the alcohol market, increasingly creative beer branding pushes companies to compete ...

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Trend Perspectives with Brad Ross: Travel

By Brad Ross, Trend Forecasting In the past, travel was somewhat reserved for the elite or affluent (think Pan Am circa 1965). Today, with cheaper…
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Trend Perspectives with Brad Ross: 2016 Color Trends

By Brad Ross, Global Trends Forecasting Last week I was visiting with some clothing shop owners here in Amsterdam; both are regional to the…
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What Pantone Color Is Your Favorite Beer?

Beer cans are generally awash in a variety of colors: There's the red, white and blue of Budweiser, PBR and Old Style, a...

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Growing trend in 2014: Orchid is Pantone pick for hot color

NEW YORK — Orchid is growing on us: A version of the purple hue is Pantone Inc.�s color of the year for 2014. Officially...

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