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Iogo yogurt looks to smoothie craze for inspiration

New flavours combining fruits and vegetables hit store shelves later this summer Elaine Ouimet isn't worried that she'll be labelled as the lady who…

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Flavor Trends Favor Spicy and Sweet at the Same Time

Consumers want tasty snacks, drinks and other prepared foods that are healthy but are still satisfying. One of the defin...

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The Top 7 Veg-Centric Restaurants in Los Angeles

"Vegetables at the Center of the Plate" is one of Symrise NA's Top 12 Food Trends for 2016. In order to inspire our team and our clients, we decided…
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The Secret Ingredient in This Black Ice Cream Isn't as Scary as It Looks

Brandi's wearing Rebecca Taylor Inspired by Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream Black Ice Cream Ingredients 1 cup heavy cream 1/4 cup food-grade activated…

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Funny in-sight: Conusmer Insight Driven Innovation Series

Inspiring Consumer Insight Driven Innovation - Horchata from Symrise NA
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Good Libations

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You Can Now Drink Pickle Juice Out of a Can

Pickle juice fans, it's time to proudly wave your freak flag. You've now officially been given permission to unabashedly...

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Dairy flavor innovations

by Donna Berry KANSAS CITY - Cows' milk's neutral flavor, even after churned into ice cream or fermented into yogurt, ma...

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Rosemary flavors seasonal brew developed by The Rise Coffee Bar

Rosemary Rise Rosemary Rise is a signature coffee beverage offered at The Rise Coffee Bar. It is available both as a hot...

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The Latest Foodservice Dessert Trends

No doubt about it, the food service dessert category is dynamic and growing. According to our research, this profitable category is adding innovative…
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Complex whiskey flavors are a hit with the hip crowd

Not long ago, the world of whiskey was about as changeable and trend-conscious as an elderly deacon. Hoity-toity scotch ...

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