It’s Last Call in the Symrise Flavor Madness 2021 and a champion has been crowned. For a month we have been asking 5,000 consumers, in real time, to choose which flavors continue on and which flavors do not stack up in order to determine America’s most popular canned alcoholic beverage flavor of 2021. The time has come and the results are in. If you are just joining us, refer to our introductory article for rules and field of flavors. Otherwise let’s continue below to our in-game analysis.

The final matchup was comprised of the winning hard seltzer from the Natural Goodness region #15 Lemonade and the winning canned RTD cocktail from the Emotional Discoveries region #14 Pina Colada.

Each of these flavors has proven to be battle tested; whether it is defeating a #1 seed, taking down trendy spirits that at one point seemed like they may steal the show or even defeating top launched flavors in their respective categories.

Consumers went with the refreshing, nostalgic, sweet yet sour hard seltzer #15 Lemonade as America’s favorite canned alcoholic beverage of 2021 beating out #14 Pina Colada by a consumer vote of 54% to 46%.

For all of the brackets we received, thank you for the participation. Not a single bracket has correctly predicted the winning flavor, what a shake up! We will tally up the total scores and send an email out notifying the winner shortly.

If you are interested in learning more about Symrise’s capabilities to quickly validate consumer concepts, our Marketing and Consumer Insights approach, or about our beverage application experience, please reach out to your account manager for more information.

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