We released our 2021 Top Flavor Trends Report back in January. Just incase you missed it, here are all of the articles we wrote to introduce the 12 food and beverage trends that comprise a total of 36 flavor innovations.

Top 12 Flavor Trends in North America for 2021

After a year that was like no other for the food and beverage industry, 2021 still contains many unknowns. But while it may be too early to say when bars and restaurants will once again be packed across North America, as well as to determine how grocery shopping habits may change when the pandemic eventually ends, we can still project what types of trending tastes North American consumers will likely turn to in 2021. [continue...]

Top Food and Beverage Trends for 2021 Influenced by Healthy Lifestyle

The overall trend of trying to support healthy living through food and drinks continues in 2021, but this year, there’s even more emphasis on building long-term wellness. Instead of just looking for low-calorie snacks to replace junk food, or swapping alcoholic drinks for booze-free beverages, consumers will likely look for more holistically healthy options in 2021. [continue...]

9 Flavor Trends of 2021 Inspired by Natural Goodness

As consumers look for more holistically healthy options in 2021, they’re turning towards nature. But that doesn’t mean food and beverage brands are limited to bland items. Instead, the focus on Natural Goodness extends into areas like sweeteners and botanicals, which can add exciting bursts of flavor to everything from desserts to main courses to alcoholic beverages. [continue...]

Top Flavors for 2021 for Those Seeking Premium Indulgences

While consumers increasingly want healthy, natural foods, that doesn’t mean they’re shunning all indulgences. Nor does it mean that indulgences have to be overly decadent. Instead, today’s consumers often want twists on otherwise familiar flavors. And they want their eating and drinking to be memorable experiences. [continue...]

Top 9 Flavors Inspired by Emotional Discoveries in 2021

At a time when international travel isn’t feasible for many, and when people’s social interactions often remain limited, taking emotional journeys through flavors becomes even more important. To break up the monotony of life in a pandemic and to travel via taste buds, North American consumers are seeking exotic, novel flavors and ways of preparing food from around the world. [continue...]

If you’re interested in learning more about our 2021 Top Flavor Trends Report, reach out to a member of our team!

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