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In A Push To Attract Millennials, Taco Bell Offers Beer and Wine

Later this month, Taco Bell will open two "Cantinas" in San Francisco and Chicago that will serve booze and shareable ta...

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The Mocktail Revolution is Growing as More Restaurants Adopt Booze-Free Libations

The mocktail- a word born from smashing together "mock" plus "cocktail" - has come a long way from sweet grenadine Shirl...

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Top 10 Places to Eat & Drink in Portland, OR

Recently, some members of the Symrise team made the cross-country trip to Portland, Oregon to find the latest and greatest in food, drinks and…
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Why the Bowl Is the Meal of the Moment

The macrobiotic bowl of yore has lost its fusty image and morphed into a hot new meal category, satisfying all of today'...

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Sabor in America: A Latino Trek Around New York City

Recently, some members of the Symrise team went on a trek around New York City to explore the rich Latino culture in our own backyard as part of our S…
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How American Restaurants Are Courting Filipino Palates - and Vice Versa

Sitting inside Walter and Margarita Manzke's popular French-leaning Los Angeles restaurant République, with its I...

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Peruvian cuisine makes inroads on menus

Cebiche Carretillero at La Mar San Francisco Make room on the menu, Thai and Vietnamese. Peruvian cuisine is the latest ...

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The Hottest Restaurants in Manhattan Right Now, May 2015

Eater editors get asked one question more than any other: Where should I eat right now? NYC dining obsessives want to kn...

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The Most Visually Exciting Food in America Right Now

Grub Street called up the country's best chefs with one simple directive: Show us the most beautiful thing that's on you...

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15 Dishes That Highlight New York's First Wave of Spring Vegetables

Morel toast, ramp pasta, and Meyer-lemon pizza.

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