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Tipple Play: 13 of Our Favorite Summer Cocktails

It’s hot, and you need a drink. (Longtime Nashville residents: Be sure to read that sentence in the voice of former regional pool-and-spa spokesperson…
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Blue cocktails are having a moment

In a slinky dress on a balmy May night, "The Bachelor" star Hannah Godwin was making the rounds at a Brooklyn rooftop party with a cocktail in hand:…
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The Real Difference Between A Cocktail And A Mixed Drink

It's almost summer and for many, that means backyard barbecues, nights on rooftop decks, and days spent by the pool! And, of course, the perfect…
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Increased Complexity of Cocktails

Increased Complexity of Cocktails  It’s hard to deny the benefits of living in a time and place where virtually every food imaginable is at our…
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If you like Piña Coladas, you’re not alone: Pandemic drives sales of Tropical cocktails

Piña coladas and other such retro cocktails are back in vogue, with many Britons keen to capture the tropical beach holiday vibe with…
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Newport Food Scene: In need of a stiff drink? Here are a few must-try cocktails in Newport

Last Saturday, I had a craving for an Irish Coffee. I spent the day outside watching my niece’s softball game in some less than ideal conditions —…
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For Daniel Watson, Montrio’s new mixologist, craft cocktail is a phrase taken seriously.

Strict attention to time honored cocktail recipes – nope. Fussy mixology, with fresh herbs rubbed and exotic fruits muddled before a bar guest’s weary…
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The Cocktail Bar Dead Rabbit Will Expand to New Orleans and Beyond

New locations of the Lower Manhattan bar are in the works, and a sister bar, Hazel and Apple, will open in Charleston, S.C., this year. READ MORE
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We Asked 12 Bartenders: Which Cocktail Do You Wish People Would Order More?

We’re all guilty of finding a new favorite drink and over-ordering it until it becomes a tried-and-true go-to. This is especially true for a preferred…
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Can canned craft cocktails make the world a better place?

It seems appropriate that the founders of Vervet, a canned craft cocktail company, met at a bar. Tuan Lee and Alex Rosenblum were regulars at Messhall…
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