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Culinary Chronicles: Modern Mole

By Chef Alexa Weeks The past decade has ushered in a new era of Mexican cuisine. Diners are intrigued by it's humble roots and elegant simplicity,…
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2017's Hot Menu Trends: Beef Is Back; Exotic Flavors Keep Coming

Looks like meat lovers who've felt shamed by health fanatics in recent years can look forward to ordering at restaurants...

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This 'Fine-Casual' Salad Spot Could Be a Lunchtime Game-Changer

Considering the wild success of Sweetgreen, it's no wonder that others want to tap into the desire for luxurious, locall...

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Culinary Chronicles: Innovation in Food Waste

By Chef Matthew O'Connell Nobody wants to waste food in the kitchen; food waste equals money lost and money lost means you’re out of a job.  Any good…
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Culinary Chronicles Good Libations

Tags: Beer Source: Symrise

Spartan Barley: Michigan State University Researchers Redefine 'Green Beer'

Agricultural experts at MSU have revived a strain of Spartan barley, which hasn't been used by beer makers in nearly a c...

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Reviewing Symrise's Top 12 Most Significant Food Trends of 2016

By Chef Noah Michaels Every year, our Chefs, Marketers and other passionate food lovers, travel all over the country and the world; eating, drinking…
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Japan perks up to serious coffee

Try a lychee-flavoured coffee infused with jasmine, or a 'Chardonnay' espresso served in a wine glass - whatever your ta...

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Chicago: why the Windy City is a perfect place for a food tour

Gourmet travellers are always looking for the next hot destination in which to dine - and Chicago has so much going on t...

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Culinary Chronicles: Smoke and Char Go Mainstream

By Chef Ron Spaziani One of the core lessons that I was taught in Culinary School is to not burn or over cook items when using techniques that…
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How To Create Immediate Opportunities for Your Brands in the Indulgent Space - Part 1 of 2

By Emmanuel Laroche, VP Marketing & Consumer Insights, Symrise NA Consumers are always craving gourmet food and drink experiences. “Dining…
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