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Do mocktails really help you drink less alcohol?

Mocktails and other nonalcoholic drinks are surging in popularity in the United States. But can alcohol-free beer, zero-proof wine and faux cocktails…
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Top Juices Used in Cocktails

Cocktails are a thrilling combination of spirits and a broad array of ingredients, including fruits, vegetables, herbs, and other liquids, from sodas…
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The Dessertification of Whiskey Cannot Be Stopped

Whiskey is a complicated corner of the drinks world, rich with history and regional regulations. Lately, however, bottles flavored with everything…
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2022 Holiday trend wrap-up

2022 holiday food trends were more celebratory than ever!  Sharing and socializing was the theme for the past holiday festivities - Read on, and…
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What are the lowest-calorie alcoholic drinks?

Whether you’re moderating your alcohol consumption for a damp January or you’re looking to start the new year with a fitness drive, not all alcohol is…
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Street Food from Different Countries

You don’t have to go far to find delectable and affordable street food. In America, hot dog and pretzel stands are almost iconic. However, different…
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Wellness Drinks, Probiotics and Plant-Based Are on Trend

Healthful beverages, demands for probiotics and protein, a focus on food labels and a lens on diversity in food systems is what is on the docket for…
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Asian and Latin American Snacking

Foodie cultures abound globally, but Asian and Latin American nations are particularly renowned for the incredible variety of sweet and savory snacks…
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Low-alcohol drinks can also be high on flavor

It might not be quite on a par with breakthroughs in nuclear fusion energy or the hunt for a cure for Alzheimer’s, but the wine business has been…
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'90s Drinks Are Back—and More Cocktail Trends for 2023, According to Bartenders

Like fashion, food, architecture, and literature, cocktails reflect the period in which they're poured. So what will we be drinking this year?…
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