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The Latest Trends in Snacks, Nuts, and Trail Mix

Snacks are familiar foods across generations. Apart from quick bites and mini refueling meals, they tend to follow consumer trends with innovative…
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What's Dirty Soda, and Why Is Everyone Drinking It? 

Every few months, new food and beverage trends pop up on social media. In 2020, there was Dalgona whipped coffee. In spring 2022, feta cheese sales…
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Good Libations

Tags: Drink Trends, Gen Z Source: IWSR

How is Gen Z approaching beverage alcohol?

Younger, legal-drinking aged Gen Z consumers increasingly enjoy a very different relationship with alcohol versus older age cohorts, exhibiting rising…
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Taste the Future: Sauce Trends and Tasting insights for 2024

Bringing consumers what they want requires understanding the current sauce trends, learning about innovative flavor ideas, and looking ahead to…
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Why Consumers Love Frozen Meals

Frozen meals have seen a remarkable surge in popularity in recent years, and it's easy to understand why. The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly…
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Europeans continue historic drinking habits

The study in scientific journal Addiction, found that spirits-drinking countries, including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Cyprus,…
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Crunch and Crave: The Fascinating World of Salty Snacks

 Our taste buds are designed to sense a range of distinctive flavor categories, including bitter, salty, sour, sweet, and umami (savory). Each taste…
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What makes a great cocktail?

In one of the panels, chaired by the drinks business‘ editor-in-chief Patrick Schmitt MW, Will Meredith, a cocktail bar veteran and director of Daisy…
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The Cool Scoop: Top Ice Cream Trends to Watch in 2024

 Consumers love ice cream. In big cities and small towns, people line up to enjoy this frozen treat — whether scooped into a container or cone,…
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Fermented Foods for Gut Health in the Modern Market

Consumer interest in healthy diets is nothing new. Recent years have seen growth in demand for foods that satisfy alternative diets and allergy needs,…
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