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Six of the best London Sherry and tapas bars

Proper Sherry has been enjoying something of a hipster-ish revival in London, partly thanks to a surge in popularity for...

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In A Push To Attract Millennials, Taco Bell Offers Beer and Wine

Later this month, Taco Bell will open two "Cantinas" in San Francisco and Chicago that will serve booze and shareable ta...

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Good Libations

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Pairing Sparkling Wines With Comfort Food

Sparkling wines have long accompanied aristocratic bites such as foie gras and caviar. But now chefs and bartenders on b...

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Good Libations

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A Guide to Drinking Something Besides Beer at BBQs

We love acooler full of cold ones as much as the next barbecue fiend (and perhaps more than most “workplaces”)...

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Good Libations

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Trends: Nearly a year ago, the trend

Nearly a year ago, the trend was developing: sherry was becoming the "it" ingredient on local cocktail menus. The fortif...

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Good Libations

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Savor the Flavor - Tehachapi's Food, Wine & Craft Beer Festival

August 3, 2013 (Sat): Centennial Plaza will be filled with the sound of jazz; intimate seating areas will dot the landsc...

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