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Beyond the Plate Sweet Talk

Tags: Dessert Source: Symrise

Alcoholic Sweet Treats Turning Dessert Into a Party

Creamy milkshakes, moist cupcakes and smooth ice cream. Pairing alcohol with desserts is a no-brainer combination, said David Guas, chef and owner of…

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Good Libations Sweet Talk

Tags: Freshness Source: Symrise

The Five Worlds of Freshness - Part 3: Vitality

What it means to “Feel Fresh Everyday” What does it mean when someone says that a food or beverage tastes or smells “fresh?” This is the third in our…
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Good Libations Sweet Talk

Tags: Yogurt, Dairy Source: Symrise

11 Savory Ways You Need To Eat Greek Yogurt, From Mac & Cheese To Salad Dressing

Posted: If yogurts went to high school, Greek yogurt would be crowned prom king. It's a dairy product that has it all: I...

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Sweet Talk

Tags: Confectionery, Chocolate, Nutrition Source: Symrise

How to measure probiotic counts in chocolate

Flow cytometry - a laser-based cell sensor system - is almost twice as accurate at measuring probiotic levels in chocola...

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Sweet Talk

Tags: Snacks Source: Symrise

30 Caffeinated Snacks - From Caffeinated Breakfast Pastries to Chocolate Coffee Bars

Coffee culture has become an ubiquitous aspect of our everyday lives, which is why this collection of caffeinated snacks...

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Sweet Talk

Tags: Confectionery, Chocolate Source: Symrise

Lemon, peach and edamame -- yes, beans -- among chocolate trends 2014

Chocolate-covered vegetables, floral-scented chocolates and desserts within desserts are among some of the global trends being observed in the rich,…

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Events Sweet Talk

Tags: Flavor Source: Symrise

Autumn flavors we're falling for

It's the season to enjoy crispy apples, ripe pumpkins and chilly nights with glowing fireplaces.

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Sweet Talk

Tags: Dairy Source: Symrise

We Might Be Seeing the Start of a Goat's Milk Craze

If you walk into Whole Foods or a natural supermarket, you'll find rows of goat's milk yogurt, drinkable probiotic smoot...

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Hispanic Heritage Month: Quotes to Consider

Today we are continuing our series of posts on Latino themes for Hispanic Heritage Month 2014. We have put together a collection of quotes from some…
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Cash-strapped Millennials will splurge on food

Spicy quinoa salad with Chimichurri dressing and a cold-pressed apple, celery, beet, ginger, parsley, spinach and lemon ...

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