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The Latest in Foodservice Dessert Trends: Part 1 - Chocolate Rocks

No doubt about it, the food service dessert category is dynamic and growing. According to our research, this profitable category is adding innovative…
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The Five Most Indulgent Desserts at Sablon Chocolate Lounge

Recently opened at the corner of McKinney Avenue and Blackburn Street, Sablon Chocolate Lounge takes inspiration from the Belgian culture and claims…

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Sweet Talk

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15 Inventive Uses for Leftover Valentine's Chocolate

The day of love has come and gone, but the mounds of gifted chocolate will remain for weeks to come. Instead of forcing ...

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This Customizable Gum Lets You Chew Dessert All Day

Further evidence: Project 7, a California-based specialty gum company that partners with nonprofits to give back in "7 areas of need," has introduced…

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The Top 9 Sweet Trends for 2016 From Around the Web

Our sweet tooth is constantly evolving in many new and unexpected ways. We’ve compiled a list of what trends we should be seeing in the “sweet area in…
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Beyond the Plate Sweet Talk

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Spotlight On: Melissa Denmark, Executive Pastry Chef of Gracie's in Providence, RI

Melissa Denmark, Executive Pastry Chef of Gracie’s ( in Providence, Rhode Island, admits she always had a passion for baking.…
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Good Libations Sweet Talk

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Dessert Lovers are Going Crazy over Melting Chocolate Ball Dish

That's why we were completely blown away when we saw what must be the greatest chocolate creation ever made, sweeping ac...

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Crazy dessert alert! These over-the-top milkshakes are every sweet tooth's dream

If you've ever wondered what drink pairs best with a psychedelic rainbow bagel or gold-encrusted purple doughnuts, we've...

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Cake-Inspired Oatmeals

instant oatmeal - While maple sugar, cinnamon spice and apple are common flavors used to enhance the taste of instant oa...

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Sweet Talk

Tags: Dessert, Flavor, Chefs, Star Chefs Series Source: Symrise

Keeping it Sweet at Starchefs ICC 2015

When pastry guru William Werner cooks his popular savory muffin at his San Franciscan contemporary pâtisserie, he hides an egg inside, and names it…
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StarChefs Los Angeles 2024 Panel Discussion

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