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6 Foods High in Zinc

Zinc is an essential nutrient required for countless processes in the body. The mineral supports healthy immune function, wound repair, and even…
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10 Healthy (But Overlooked) Foods We Should All Be Eating More Of

Variety is key to any healthy, balanced diet, nutritionists agree. Consuming a wide range of foods is essential in order to provide our body with all…
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15 Best Foods for Improved Gut Health, According to Experts

Eating the best foods for gut health is vital to your overall wellness—research points to the importance of the gut-brain connection. What we feed our…
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5 Foods High In Zinc That Are Good For Your Skin Too

If we want healthy and glowing skin, we have to follow a specific diet. It is important that we stay away from high-sugar and processed foods, for…
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Eating These Foods May Help with Seasonal Allergies

T'is the season to be sniffly. In most of the U.S., spring allergies begin in February and last deep into the summer. The most common trigger is…
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9 of the Healthiest Whole Grains to Help You Eat More Fiber

Are you eating enough whole grains? Chances are you may not be—MyPlate, the most recent nutrition guide released by the USDA, recommends at least six…
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17 Foods That Are High in Vitamin C

When you think of vitamin C, you may think primarily of oranges, but it’s actually abundant in lots of other foods — foods you’re probably already…
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3 ways to unlock the power of food to promote heart health

Your diet — the foods and drinks you eat, not short-term restrictive programs — can impact your heart disease risk. Evidence-based approaches to…
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This Is the Absolute Best Food for Fighting Inflammation, According to Registered Dietitians

While inflammation isn’t inherently bad and plays an important role as part of the body’s natural defense system, high levels of chronic inflammation…
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9 Foods High in Vitamin D That Will Help You Effortlessly Meet Your Daily Needs

When you think of getting more vitamin D, your first idea may be to put on your walking shoes and go outside. And while getting more sun is a solid…
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