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Tags: Ice Cream Source: Symrise

The 10 Best Ice Creams From Around The World

Spring is upon us and with higher temperatures around the corner cool treats are going to be in demand, especially ice c...

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Sweet Talk

Tags: Asian, Ice Cream Source: Symrise

Your New Ice Cream Sandwich Secret Weapon

Hat tip to Questlove for this one: While eating recently at Pok Pok NY in Brooklyn, the “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy...

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Freshness Around the World - Part 4 of 9: Russia

Russian consumers perceive “everyday freshness,” in terms of fresh taste, colors and fragrance quite differently for example, than American or…
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Tags: Cider Source: Symrise

Hop Cider Succeeds Where Beer Bros Fail

(TheStreet) -- There's nothing more frustrating than some loudmouthed moron pointing out a problem without offering any ...

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Tags: Flavor Trends, News Source: Symrise

Dessert drinks to CSDs with jelly: Mintel urges 'global drinks disruption'

Beverage brands can blur the lines both within the category and steal outside cues to create novel products such as beer...

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Tags: Confectionery, Flavor Trends Source: Symrise

Global Trends & Emerging Flavors - Part 1 of 4: Sugar Confectionery

Today were are beginning a four part Symrise Series on global flavor trends and emerging flavors around the world. We'll explore trending flavors as…
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Beyond the Plate Sweet Talk

Tags: Bars, Nutrition Source: Symrise

Food makers are pushing protein

General Mills ' Nature Valley Protein bars sold so well that the packaged food giant launched protein bars under its Fib...

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The smaller the cereal flake, the more you'll eat

I have a difficult relationship with things (and, sometimes, people) that are miniature. There is something ineffably cu...

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Good Libations Sweet Talk

Tags: Confectionery Source: Symrise

Consumers to candy makers: 'You have 3 seconds to get my attention!'

Confectionery brands have just three seconds on the shelf to be noticed by consumers, according to Saatchi & Saatchi X. ...

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Sweet Talk

Tags: Consumer Trends, Gum Source: Symrise

Which gum Americans are chewing on these days

The US isn't chewing gum like it used to. Chewing gum sales have dipped by 11% since 2009, according to data from market...

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