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Don't believe your eyes, these intricate dishes are cookies

A food artist is taking the miniature food trend to the next level by creating little, intricate replicas of Japanese dishes. Osaka's Chikoto Kawakami…

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A New Spin on a Classic: Flavor Innovation at NYC's Doughnuttery

This is Part 1 of a 2 Part Symrise in-sight Series New versions of familiar food and beverage favorites have wide appeal since they offer…
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Beyond the Plate Sweet Talk

Tags: Dessert, Bakery Source: Symrise

Finding Europe's best desserts and bakery treats

Beyond Italy's gelato and Belgium's chocolate, the continent offers many lesser-known delights for the sweet tooth. We all know that Belgians are…

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Ketchup and mayo ice cream with salt and pepper fries? Get it at BGC's newest dessert bar

He did it with skill as the creative mind behind the plated desserts served at the Magnum Cafes in Manila, Kuala Lumpur ...

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Beyond the Plate Sweet Talk

Tags: Bakery Source: Symrise

Destination Doughnut |

Pastelitos aren't quite yet in danger of losing their sweet supremacy in South Florida, but they should watch their guav...

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A restaurant created a dish that combines pizza, cookies, and ice cream

BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse, a popular chain in the U.S., created a gluttonous masterpiece called the pizookie. A pizookie is a pizza-cookie hybrid,…

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The Top 9 Sweet Trends for 2016 From Around the Web

Our sweet tooth is constantly evolving in many new and unexpected ways. We’ve compiled a list of what trends we should be seeing in the “sweet area in…
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The 21 Best Bakeries in America

You've heard the phrase "like a kid in a candy store," but what's the grown-up equivalent? Like a dude in a short DMV li...

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Slideshow Whats for dessert | Food Business News

by Monica Watrous CHICAGO - Americans are sweet on nostalgic treats and snackable indulgences, according to a new dessert report from Datassential, a…

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D.C.'s Latest Hybrid Dessert: Cake Push Pops

The latest icing-topped monster is a cross between a cake pop and a push-pop: the cake push-pop. Fueled by the popularity of baking experiments on…

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