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Weather the Lull of Dry January With Trendy Mocktails

After the whirlwind of winter holidays and the food and drink that come with them, plenty of people resolve to cut back on rich foods and alcohol to…
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15 Exciting Non-Alcoholic Drinks That Even Appeal to Wine Pros

10 sommeliers share their favorite zero-proof sippers for those occasions when you want a great drink but don’t want alcohol. While we…
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From Wings to Nuggets: A Look at Chicken Consumption Trends

Dining habits change as culinary evolution takes hold and consumers' tastes embrace exciting and adventurous flavors they've never tried. However,…
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Exciting Trends for Your Super Bowl Spread

The Super Bowl means different things to different people. For some, it’s a chance to cheer on their favorite football team in the final game of the…
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Gen Z drinking less due to emotional impact

Sober socialising is proving to be popular among Gen Z, as the demographic is shunning alcohol more significantly than other generations, new data…
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Coffee Trek: An Exploration of This Bountiful Bean

 Coffee is big business. In 2022, the economic impact of the U.S. coffee industry was estimated at over $343 billion, generating more than 2.2 million…
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Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Delights: Uncovering the Latest Food Trends

Today's consumers aren't afraid of big, bold flavors. They're more adventurous, curious about global cuisines, and ready to experience authentic…
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The Culinary Adventure of Italian-Japanese Fusion

Fusion is an interesting departure from traditional cuisine in that it takes two distinctive food categories and mashes them up to create something…
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Embracing the Seasons: How Businesses Harness the Power of Seasonality in a Modern World

Throughout human history, the ebb and flow of seasons has dictated how we eat and drink. But the modern world lets us circumvent the availability…
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Good Libations

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The Origins of Dry January

The New Year rings in new goals, expectations and beginnings—which for some includes a temporary break from drinking alcohol. Dry January—a month-long…
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