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Will Hot Drinks Keep You Cool on Hot Days?

With temperatures reaching record highs not only here in the South but throughout the U.S. and around the world, we're all thinking about ways to keep…
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Good Libations

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Unique wellness drinks around Columbia, SC

The whole goal of Drink Up Week in the Soda City is to celebrate anything you can sip. We know the classics — cocktails, coffees, and Coca-Colas — but…
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’90s Nostalgia: Comfort Food Is Back

While the 1980s were known as an age of excess characterized by a “me-first” mentality, the ’90s took a turn for the better.  Dubbed “The Good…
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The Best Ready to Drink Cocktails and No Alcohol Spirits That are Actually Good

There’s nothing like getting home after a long day and unwinding with a nice drink. Something stiff and tasty to take the edge off. But if you want…
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Top Functional Health Trends: Natural Power Up

Food and Beverage for Energy, Mental Clarity and Creativity In an unbalanced, out-of-control world, it’s natural for people to strive to reclaim some…
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Dirty Shirley as the drink of the summer? Surely, you can’t be serious.

It was tempting to write a Dirty Shirley story that embraced minimalism: Read more
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Good Libations

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Are you ready to drink a Velveeta Martini?

Velveeta, the century-old brand that’s now owned by Kraft, has released a gimmicky martini called "The Veltini,” available as in-home delivery kits or…
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Pandemic Trends That Are Here to Stay

Who knew that the pandemic would be a time when we settled in and got creative, inspiring trends in many consumer categories? Bicycle sales, both new…
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What is tonic water made of? The popular mixed drink ingredient explained

Maybe you’re curious about the ingredients in your gin and tonic — or maybe you saw “quinine” on a nutrition label and want to make sure what you’re…
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The 6 Most Interesting Coffee Shops Across the Globe

Anyone in the coffee industry knows that one cup isn’t the same as the next. Factors like terroir, variety, cultivation, roast, and brew style can…
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