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Street food evolves to keep up with changing tastes

Anthony Bourdain turned Americans on to global street foods as he ate his way around carts and stalls in Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines and other…
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Top Post-Pandemic Trends in Breakfast

Between work-at-home mandates and stay-at-home preventative measures, the eating habits of everyday Americans have changed dramatically over the last…
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Beyond the Plate

Tags: Flavor, Food Source: Modern Farmer

Could Edible Cactus Be the Next Big Specialty Crop?

Shawn Jadrnicek had long loved prickly pear cactus for its tasty fruit, so when he heard the plant could also be used as animal fencing, he was…
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Food hacks to help you eat more fruits and vegetables

Study after study shows that the human body is healthier when you feed it more plant foods. And yet, shifting to a diet that includes not only more…
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Flavor Trend Highlight: Southern & Low Country Cuisine 

Home cooking can mean different things depending on where home is. For the United States, top southern foods elicit emotional connections and cravings…
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Beyond the Plate

Tags: Food, Street Food Source: Thrillist

Eat Your Way Through the Best Food Halls in LA

The best thing about food halls is their diversity, the breadth of cuisines you can try within a single visit and the madcap mixed meals you can build…
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What Emotional Discoveries means for Flavors

Take a moment and think back to a few of your favorite memories — from years ago or from recently. What were you eating? Do you remember how those…
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Beyond the Plate

Tags: Food, Health Foods Source: CNBC

A Harvard nutritionist shares 6 brain foods that will help your kids stay ‘sharp and focused'

The first few years of life set the foundation for brain health. Studies show that a nutritious diet in infancy is key to promoting a child’s…
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Vnlla Extract Co. to showcase sustainable vanilla and rare coffee from Madagascar

At this year’s NY Coffee Festival, vnlla Extract Co. will be showcasing its range of sustainable Madagascar vanilla products along with rare freshly…
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Food Markets: Top Offerings for 2022

Food markets are a great place to sample trending local cuisine, often with a range of international flavors. The competitive environment fuels…
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