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Kids' Food Needs, Wants and Expectations All Influence Purchases

Kids’ food choices vary widely – not only according to their tastes and moods, but also by time of day, snacking occasion, and a range of other…
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Tags: Consumer Health, Nutrition Source: Symrise

The evolution of performance nutrition

No longer limited to athletes or fitness buffs, food and beverage products geared toward performance target a broad rang...

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Beyond the Plate Sweet Talk

Tags: Meat, Nutrition Source: Symrise

The power of meat protein

by Steve Kay KANSAS CITY - The U.S. meat and poultry industry faces a blockbuster protein year, which means that consume...

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Which natural food trends are poised to succeed in the mainstream?

by Monica Watrous BALTIMORE - The ideas, innovations and values born out of the natural products industry are resonating...

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Tags: Breakfast, Cereal, Dairy, Nutrition Source: Symrise

11 Smoothie Bowls To Take Your Breakfast Up A Notch

Save The concept of a smoothie bowl is a simple one. (Hint: It's exactly what it sounds like.) What makes smoothie bowls...

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Tags: Flavor, Nutrition Source: Symrise

How Flavor Drives Nutrition

For nearly a half century, America has been on a witch hunt to find the ingredient that is making us fat. In the 1980s, ...

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How Your Brain Chooses Between Carrots and Cake

Researchers from Caltech tested this theory by asking 28 volunteers to rate the health virtues of more than 150 foods after fasting for four hours. On…

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Tags: Health Foods, Nutrition Source: Symrise

Top 80 Health Trends in December - From Greek Yogurt Drinks to Therapeutic Light Devices

There are a couple glaring reason why people would be concerned with their overall well-being during the winter season and this collection of December…

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Time Spent on Home Food Preparation and Indicators of Healthy Eating - American Journal of Preventive Medicine

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Tags: Confectionery, Chocolate, Nutrition Source: Symrise

How to measure probiotic counts in chocolate

Flow cytometry - a laser-based cell sensor system - is almost twice as accurate at measuring probiotic levels in chocola...

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